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Anxo Rodriguez


Anxo Rodríguez is a producer and talent agent, with extensive experience in the legal and business fields, specialized in intellectual property. As a producer, he has been awarded the Goya for Best Documentary for “Paco de Lucía: The Search”, in which he also served as executive producer. He stands out for his role as Business Affairs in the Netflix series “Money Heist”, as well as in the HBO series “Foodie Love”, in the Movistar+ series “El embarcadero” or in “Look What You’ve Done”. As the founder and director of the talent agency Alter Ego Talent House, Anxo has managed to generate a flow of the best talents between his production company, Espotlight Media, and the agency, including directors, actors, screenwriters, and composers.

Diana Montero

Talent Agent and Director

Since 2005, he has dedicated his career to talent development in the audiovisual and performing arts sectors. With experience in renowned production companies, he has contributed to award-winning and established productions in English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets. He actively collaborates with emerging and established talents, applying his own methodology to over 200 projects, ranging from major productions like “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” to independent projects that drive innovation in the performing arts. His business approach is characterized by involvement, commitment, and a focus on excellence, working with industry leaders such as Atresmedia, Telecincocinema, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Movistar +. His deep respect for culture, passion for well-executed work, and love for great ideas define his career.

Paula Cobo

Agente de directores, guionistas y compositores

Paula obtained a degree in international distribution from the prestigious school in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba). In 2017, Paula worked in the development department at Mogambo, a production company specializing in tax incentives that opened a local production department. She joined Alter Ego as a junior agent for Directors, Writers, and Composers, gaining significant experience in managing clients’ daily needs. Currently, she is one of the most experienced agents in the agency with extensive experience in talent management and project negotiation.

Xian Díaz

Agent for Directors, Writers and Composers

Xian has extensive experience in the legal field, having developed much of his career as a lawyer specialized in intellectual property and having conducted significant negotiations and legal reviews, which he has been able to transfer to his current role as an agent for directors, writers, and composers, where he combines his legal expertise with talent management.

Carolina Martínez

Agent for Directors, Writers and Composers

Carolina develops much of her professional career as a lawyer at Globomedia and later at Mediapro Studios. She deeply understands the intricacies of the industry after years involved in productions such as “Aída” or “El intermedio”. She joins in 2022 as an agent for directors, writers, and composers.

Teresa Pellicer

Agent for Directors, Writers and Composers

Teresa has extensive experience in various areas of production. She has worked in some of Spain’s leading production companies, both for television and film and theater. Among her tasks, coordination, team management, and negotiation with talent stand out.

Carmen Menchacatorre

Junior Agent for Directors, Writers and Composers

A graduate in Bilingual Audiovisual Communication, Carmen specializes in audiovisual scriptwriting and has experience in production, development, and talent management. She joined Alter Ego in 2021 as a Junior Agent for Directors, Writers, and Composers.

Manuel Granados

Junior Agent for Directors, Writers and Composers

Manuel Granados specializes in the area of script and development, having worked in local production at Warner Bros. Spain. He joins Alter Ego as a junior agent, expanding his experience and complementing his creative trajectory with the comprehensive management of projects from conception to negotiation closure.

Nuria Márquez

Head of Press and Communication

With over 15 years of experience, Nuria has a proven track record in the fields of press and communication, public relations, and event organization. She excels particularly in managing film festivals, such as the Málaga Film Festival. Nuria possesses remarkable planning and coordination skills, paying meticulous attention to her work.

Mar Ávarez

Press and Communication

Mar Álvarez is a journalist specialized in socio-cultural communication with experience in the world of culture. She has worked in various sectors related to communication, and in 2023, she joins the press department of Alter Ego.

Elisa Fernández

Talent Agent

Elisa Fernández has a long professional career of over half a decade in the field of talent management. Additionally, years of experience in the realms of marketing and event management have allowed her to develop valuable skills.

Tete Laguna

Head of Human Resources

Tete joins Alter Ego after a lengthy career in the engineering sector. For several years, he has been working as the Head of Human Resources at Alter Ego and Espotlight Media.

Patricia Paredes


Patricia has extensive experience in the financial field, particularly in accounting, invoicing, tax preparation, compensation and settlement, reconciliation of financial transactions, among other areas. Before taking on the role of Finance Manager at Alter Ego, Patricia worked at Mogambo, a company specialized in managing Spanish tax incentives for film production.

Adrián Ruiz

Accounting/Invoicing Department

Adrián has extensive experience in accounting and invoicing, currently holding the position of accountant at Alter Ego Talent House and Espotlight Media.

Palmira Márquez

Literary Rights

Her career begins at Cadena SER and continues at the Andalusian information agency Sur Press. For three years, she worked as the director of publications at Soluciones de Marketing, a company based in Oviedo. After that period, she moved to Madrid to lead the communication of the Crisol bookstore chain at the national level, which is part of the Santillana Group within the Prisa Group. In 2003, she co-founded Dos Passos, a literary and communication agency, with Miguel Munárriz. During the agency’s first four years, she worked on communication projects, handling press for major publishers and cultural events. In 2007, she began her role as a literary agent. She has discovered some of the current literary talents and currently represents dozens of authors who are significant voices in the Spanish-language publishing scene through Dos Passos.

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