Xoel Fernádez

Galicia, Madrid
Film, Theatre and TV

Galician actor recognized for his numerous works in television, cinema, and theater. He has participated in series such as ‘El comisario,’ ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó,’ ‘Seis hermanas,’ ‘O sabor das margaridas,’ ‘Serramoura,’ ‘Fariña,’ ‘Vivir sin permiso,’ ‘Operación marea negra,’ and ‘Saudade de ti.’ He has also appeared in films like ‘Camarón,’ ‘Mataharis,’ ‘La cueva,’ or ‘Quien a hierro mata.’ He has been part of two important productions by Barco Pirata: “Castelvines y Monteses” and “Cielos,” and he has a monologue in the play “Calígula Debe Morir,” in which he stars in and produces.