Nora Navas

Film, TV and Theatre

Actress Nora Navas gained recognition for her role in ‘Pa negre’ directed by Agustí́ Villaronga, which brought her numerous awards such as the Concha de Plata at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, the Goya Award, and the Gaudí Award for Best Leading Actress. She was also acknowledged for her work in ‘Tres mentiras’, ‘Felices 140’, ‘La adopción’, and ‘Libertad’ (Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress); and she participated in highly acclaimed titles such as ‘El ciudadano ilustre’, ‘Dolor y gloria’, or ‘Adú’. Regarding her television work, she has been part of series like ‘La Mesías’, ‘Esto no es Suecia’, ‘Yo adicto’, “La última noche en Tremore Beach”, and ‘Los Farad’. In theater, she has an extensive and prestigious career, highlighting works like “Les Irresponsables”, “La Nit de la iguana” or “Doña Rosita la Soltera”.